Why is telehealth a good vehicle for 
delivery of mental health services?
The research into telemental health has consistently shown it to be an effective delivery system for mental health services. 
  • Convenient
  • Private
  • Green (no traffic, less paper)
  • Available in remote or rural areas where there may be fewer providers
  • No travel, safe when weather is severe
  • Prevents the spread of Covid, flu, colds
  • Extends the availability of practitioners
  • Fewer missed or cancelled appointments
  • Effective

How does telehealth work?

Contact Office

If you are new to this service, please call the office or use the contact form. You will need to provide an email address and birth date to set up a portal account. Please activate your account when you receive your welcome email. We will  discuss insurance and payment issues.

When you have access to the Portal, you can request appointments, check existing appointments, and start telehealth sessions. Please complete and sign the registration and intake forms that will be waiting for you. Please upload an image of your insurance card.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions
Do you accept insurance?

If your insurance company reimburses for telehealth, I will submit claims on your behalf. You are responsible for deductibles and copays. If you have a high deductible and are not likely to meet your limit, we can discuss rates but it needs to be done in advance.

Is telehealth private and confidential?

My telehealth link is HIPAA compliant and your protected health information is never shared for purposes other than treatment and billing. Confidentiality does have limits which we will discuss as needed. Make sure you have a private space for your session.

Can I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

My motto is 'life happens!' I never charge for missed appointments or late cancellations, but do be kind. Let me know preferably 24 hours in advance but notice at the last minute is OK too. There's always something to catch up on!

What type of therapy do I need?

We will determine together what best suits your needs, establish goals, and monitor progress. See Services for more information.

More about Dr. Nina?

Dr. Nina graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison and is licensed in the State of Wisconsin. She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys hiking, skiing, kayaking, travelling and photography. She is semi-retired and lives in northern WI.

Do you prescribe therapy animals?

I love animals and certainly recommend that people care for other living creatures. Unless you are an established client and we have discussed acquiring an animal to enhance your well-being, I decline to write letters for landlords for animals you already own. Sorry.


There may be some recommended readings and structured exercises. Openness is essential for any real progress.

How do I request my records?

Please contact me with the records request. I will send you the release of information form. You can also have the records department from another provider or agency make the request. They will also have you sign a release.

What's with all the flowers?

Flowers make the world a more beautiful place, and noticing the "small things" can enhance your well-being. Spending time outdoors is psychological first aid!