A telehealth practice for the 21st century

Changes in mental health care delivery were widespread in 2020 and some of those changes are here to stay!

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Anxiety & Depression

The experience of anxiety is nearly universal and can be managed. Depression is often the result of overidentifying with anxious thoughts and accepting, uncritically, limiting beliefs about yourself and the world.

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Problems in relationship are inevitable. Learn to manage conflict with communication skills and better interpersonal awareness. The model used in this practice was developed by John Gottman.

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Stress & Well-being

Everyday stress or the unusual stress of major life transitions or traumatic events takes a toll on body, mind and spirit. Stress management will help you cope, maybe even thrive! Support makes a difference!

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Caregiving & Grief

Helping others is strenuous whether you are friend, family member, or professional. Good self-care strategies can alleviate stress and prevent burnout. Take care of yourself so you can better care for others!

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Therapeutic coaching will help you grow your public speaking and performance skills, pursue education and career development, or achieve athletic or health improvement.

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